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search engine marketing course in Jaipur.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Course

Category: Digital Marketing

Course Details:

DGR (Digital Guru Ravi) stands out as the premier institute for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in Jaipur. Its reputation is built on a solid foundation of excellence in digital marketing education. DGR offers comprehensive SEM courses that equip students with the latest industry insights and hands-on experience. The institute's faculty comprises seasoned SEM professionals who provide valuable guidance and mentorship.
DGR's commitment to staying updated with evolving search engine algorithms and advertising platforms ensures graduates are well-prepared for the ever-changing digital landscape. With a track record of producing successful SEM specialists, DGR unquestionably reigns as the top choice for those seeking a career in search engine marketing

Course Syllabus

Advanced SEM Course Curriculum

Digital Guru Ravi (DGR) is the ideal choice for an SEM course due to its comprehensive curriculum, expert guidance by Ravi, and real-world industry insights. Ravi's practical experience and cutting-edge strategies ensure students receive the best SEM education, setting them up for success in the digital marketing landscape.

  • Key Elements of this Module
    • Introduction to Search Engine Marketing and PPC.
    • Introduction to Google AdWords.
    • Adwords Account & Creating Your First Campaign.
    • Landing Pages and Conversion Tracking.
    • Ad Extensions.
    • Reporting and Analysis.

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